Small Business Branding - why you need a brand and not just a logo.

A big fat Hola to all the small business owners out there, its a hard job - I feel ya trust me. Weather you run it as your day to day job or as your side passion, a small business is something that follows you 24/7 and most of us wouldn't have it any other way. 

For me, my business is my baby - an evolving baby - a project of passion and a passionate project. I have stood on my soap box and proclaimed that "this year is my year", the year that I have organised to have all my eggs in a row and my ducks in a basket.. Yes it may be the opposite way around but thats how I am looking at the next 12 months and beyond. 

My story over the last 5 years has dramatically changed and thus has my business, so at the start of this year I took the plunge and changed my name, logo and business direction. My business card no longer says, Graphic Designer - Melbourne it now says Graphic Designer & Dairy Farmer. Okay so I many not have gotten that printed on the business card but I have made sure that I have adapted my branding to reflect my new direction.

What is branding and why does it matter? 
So let me throw a scenario out at you! Have you ever heard about a business, loved its morals and values, where its come from and why it started? Well my friends you have fallen in love with the business's brand. 

The Ocean Road Health Group - Warrnambool Business Branding

A Brand is described as "the emotion behind what someone feels, sees and tastes when then interact with your company on any level". When someone interacts with your business we want them to love the experience and come back for more.

Allowing your Branding to shine takes courage and team work and wont be built overnight. Branding isn't something you can throw at shopfront window just once with the hope it sticks. It is something you have to keep cooking up and throwing out daily and adapting to the times and your evolving customer. As a designer I can help lay the foundations and create your brand visually but I can't be there day in day out helping you throw it and no matter how good my work may be I can't shape the perception of your audience. Being true to yourself and your customers is one of the first steps you can make to creating top notch branding.

So is creating and maintaining a brand even possible?
Of course it is and once you get started and schedule it into your daily list of activities then your on your way. 

As I have worked with HEAPS of small business over the last 8 years I have come to figure out a few things and one is that there are very few of you small business owners who have the time to organise your branding schedules. So when engaging my branding services I will provide you with a great resource to help with building and maintaining the branding we create. It is also somewhat of a mini marketing schedule too so extra band for your buck. 

Each branding package is created especially for you, your business and your budget of course. This can include things like logos, business cards, flyers right through to websites and signage.

What Now?
Well if you want to make the switch from a logo to a brand? Want a more effective logo? By listening to your vision and values, we can help shape your brand and elevate your logo to portray your business more effectively so why not Contact us to get started